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PLC Vision 130 with O/S error

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When updating the Vision 130 the following situation occurred.
Before the version of my pc visilogic was P 9.8.91
On the other pc it is visilogic P 9.8.96
When opening the program, it asked to update the vision 130 and it didn't work .....???
And now, what to do??


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It's been a while since I did this, but I think that depending on what was needing updating, with this being a 130 you might have needed to only be using serial comms.  How were you connected doing the update?  If you weren't using serial, please try that.  If using a usb to 232 adapter please ensure it uses a prolific chip.

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in system mode do not get to verify: boot and factory boot but toggle for factory initialization or communication cannot be established

What happens after   a Power OFF and then Back On?    What screen appears?  Can you communicate with the PLC then?




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