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  1. Hi Rog, Currently UniStream does not support Azure SQL DB.
  2. Hi _MELLON_, In the upcoming release (version 26) a new member added to the "Alarm Status Struct" - "Last Alarm Log Zip Filename". Use it to apply your requirements.
  3. Hi Aleksey, In addition to List of images (thanks Joe Tauser) you can also use a GIF file in images widgets.
  4. Hi Pista, We will do the the next: #1. Apply: Feature request – "Audio Complete bit (System\Panel Events\" )" #2. Check: "If I play video and then stop the video, the audio file will not be played. I have to give Play video and wait to be played to the end." #3. Check: "TAG (System\Panel Events\Video Complete) is not setting on after pressing the video controls button StopVideo"
  5. Hi Pradeep Mane, The UniStream connectivity checked and verified with a variety of MQTT brokers. Among the brokers: mosquito, RabbitMQ, HiveMQ and AWS. I suggest: #1. Download the free MQTT.fx (MQTT client app) and connect to your broker with it. This app is great due to it log tab that allow you to debug the connection #2. When you succeeded to connect from MQTT.fx to your broker use the same connection settings in UniStream Anyway, you can always can open a ticket at Unitronics "Help center" at https://support.unitronics.com/index.php and get the Support team assistance.
  6. Hi Vidmas30, Open a ticket at Unitronics "Help center" at https://support.unitronics.com/index.php The Support team will try to assist.
  7. Hi balazs.tarro-HUN, The UAC "Idle Timeout" job is to determine the amount of time that a user may remain inactive before being logged out by the system. When a user is logged in and thier is a touch event it resets. Just to understand, meninges that when you are logged in the HMI touch event does not reset your "Idle Timeout" timer?
  8. Hi Fotonic, I will pass your request forward.
  9. Hi Fotonic, Thanks for the input. I will pass it to our Support team. Next time please use the "Help center" at https://support.unitronics.com/index.php
  10. Hi Fotonic, The General.Touched Bit is a bit that set when a touch event, of the touch screen, occur. When you "touch" the UniStream using a VNC client the General.Touched bit will not be set by design. Nevertheless I will add a "feature request" to this manner
  11. I did not tested it but yes, that string value in G will use as the CSV delimiter
  12. Hi Shaun, "Store DTI to File" G parameter is the CSV file delimiter, change it to whatever you like.
  13. Hi Piet, Suggestions for features are most welcome, but there is no guarantee for implementing them. Please explain what you need and why so we and the forum users can offer alternative or join to your request. Can you explain?
  14. Hi hotwires, This is just the way TCP works. A connection can remain established for days or even weeks without a single packet being exchanged. The disconnection should be detected as soon as the connected side tries to send data. A disconnected device can't send any data, so there's no way to know that it's disconnected until it fails to respond to a query. In general, the only way to detect a disconnected device is to try to send data to it. If you don't ever send any data, you're simply not assured of detecting it. Notes: When the server regains connectivity (back on the net) it will automatically update the number of connections value.
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