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  1. Dear Charlesc, Do you have a folder name "DT" on your DOK/USB Stick root?
  2. No there is not. You can however assemble a message that will include data from 'Alarm Status Struct'.
  3. I will open a 'feature request' on this manner. Thanks for your input.
  4. So actually you want a feature the will allow to load an old Alarm log to the HMI Alarm display ('Alarm Summary List' widget) in order to view them in the PLC instead of PC?
  5. Upon an Alarm event the data is saved in an internal buffer. The trigger for the internal buffer flush is one of the below: - Using Action "Create and zip Alarm log" - Number of Alarms events on internal buffer is more than 64 - 1m passed from an Alarm event (any event occur when this timer fire will be written as well) You can use the action in case you want to save the logs in a higher resolution.
  6. Dear roberto.zeni@sistemizero.i, There are two kinds of "Reboot": Software, via UniLogic or UniApps Hardware, the PLC is powered off What "Reboot" are we talking about?
  7. Dear Jamie, * Did you set your DNS configuration? * What is your PLC model? * Can you send me your CA file?
  8. NoamM

    OPC UA Certificate

    Dear Jakke_SL, The certificate you are creating in UniLogic is the OPC UA server one, meaning it will pass to OPC UA clients upon connection and help them identify the server identity. The UniApps UI present OPC UA clients certificates that try to connect to your OPC UA server, meaning they will pass to your OPC UA server upon connection. Try to connect with an OPC UA client to UniStream and you will see the client certificate on the UniApps UI.
  9. Dear Hans Mills & Saragani, Iv'e opened a bug to R&D on this manner. Thanks for the input.
  10. NoamM

    OPC UA on UniStream

    Dear mrivilla, UniStream support OPC UA from version 28.
  11. Dear Sandy, For now you have to use "1" in "F" parameter in order to get the CSV you want. Note: 'Store DT To File' Ladder utility: Parameter in A, Data Table to store B, Start row in store file C, Target file name D, Number of rows E, Append to file (0 – Overwrite, 1 – Append) F. Create CSV (0 - No CSV, 1 – All files, 2 – Only CSV, 3 – Only CSV.zip) G, CSV file delimiter Parameter out H, status
  12. Dear GonzaloRoldan, Is it possible to change the web server login language? No. Currently languages in the web server system pages (login page for example) are not supported. I will add a feature request on this manner Is it possible to redirect the user to different web pages after logging in, depending on its own user level? No. I will add a feature request on this
  13. Dear Samith Chathuranga , Open a ticket on Unitronics "Help center" at https://support.unitronics.com/index.php the Support team will assist.
  14. Dear Samith Chathuranga, From the PLC POV you need to configure the mosquitto broker connection parameter in UniLogic. From the Help section:
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