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  1. Hi Priyanka Shahi, Use the information in this link "Unitronics Technical support" on the SQL section. There is a guide written by Unitronics Support that will help you troubleshot your issue,
  2. NoamM

    Numeric Box keyboard zoom-in resets

    Hi Don2015, No, it's not possible. Because zooming in on a keyboard is a very easy operation - one time button press - retaining it does not seems very useful. Nevertheless, I will pass your request to R&D.
  3. NoamM

    Alarm summary on Web Server?

    Hi Benjamin, currently is it's not possible, but this feature is in our road map. Nevertheless I will pass your request to the R&D.
  4. Hi ORSO2001, Use "Find DTI Column Value" Ladder function. This Ladder function finds a value in a column and writes the row index number into a data tag. If the function finds a matching row, the row number is stored in parameter E, Result. If no row is found, E contains -1. Function parameters: A Data Table to Search B Column to Search C Value to Find D Start Row for Search E Number of Rows to Search F Value Location: Row Index Number Build your logic so that if a "Find DTI Column Value" call return a row index, row index + 1 will be the "D Start Row for Search" next value.
  5. NoamM

    Remote display to a UniStream

    Hi smartdesignmike, Yes, you can connect another UniStream as a VNC client as a remote display, and this unit won't need a CPU. From the Help section:
  6. NoamM

    Beeping USP-104-B10 on start-up

    Hi, Onionprint If you still encountering this issue please contact support@unitronics.com.
  7. NoamM

    Wi-Fi support in UniStream

    Hi greml1n, Yes it is, but it's not scheduled in the near future.
  8. Hi Robots, You can use the "Copy/Move File" Ladder function in order to pass a file from/to your USB/SD and then use the Data Table Ladder functions.
  9. Hi TylerHPS, From checking the Help section I can see that "Convert CSV TO UDTF" status "-1" means that "The .csv name is an empty string or, contains the '/' character". What is your "Source CSV file name" (parameter B of "Convert CSV TO UDTF" Ladder function)?
  10. Our Support manager, Ofir, already passed your requests. I ca see the next feature requests: - Configure "time to expire" for UAC passwords - Complexity criteria for creating passwords through configuration - User will be blocked after several unsuccessful attempts. - User cannot use last 5 passwords - An option to ask the user to change his password on his first login to the system I can't guarantee anything, but I can insure that the features will be considered. Whats required that is not already exist today? in "UAC" -> "Properties Widow" -> "Password" in UniLogic the user can set: Password minimum length Must include numbers Must include special characters I will add this information to your requests .if you can contact the support and elaborate on the manner it will be great,
  11. Hi, the 16 users issue has been fixed, and it will be included in 1.23 version. Thanks for your input Interroga.
  12. NoamM

    Swap Bytes Extended

    Gabriel Franco, thanks for noticing, I also think it's unrelated (updated my previous post). It will be fixed.
  13. Hi Swervomotor, Currently its not possible to use a tag for the file name. I will add your feature request to Unitronics R&D. thanks.
  14. Hi sgull, Thanks for the feedback. I will pass your request for this feature.
  15. NoamM

    Swap Bytes Extended

    Hi snizami, Use "Swap bytes extended" to copy bytes in a tag from one location to another. Paramters: A - Source tag (INT16/UINT16/INT32/UINT32/REAL/BUFFER). B - Source byte index. C - Destination byte index. D - Length to swap. E - Swap type (AB_BA/ABCD_DCBA/ABCD_CDBA).