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  1. Hi Piet, Suggestions for features are most welcome, but there is no guarantee for implementing them. Please explain what you need and why so we and the forum users can offer alternative or join to your request. Can you explain?
  2. Hi hotwires, This is just the way TCP works. A connection can remain established for days or even weeks without a single packet being exchanged. The disconnection should be detected as soon as the connected side tries to send data. A disconnected device can't send any data, so there's no way to know that it's disconnected until it fails to respond to a query. In general, the only way to detect a disconnected device is to try to send data to it. If you don't ever send any data, you're simply not assured of detecting it. Notes: When the server regains connectivity (back on the net) it will automatically update the number of connections value.
  3. NoamM

    HMI Freezing when playing video

    Hi FTSMDLZ, Please send a mail to support@unitronics.com
  4. NoamM

    Pointer to Data table in C function

    Hi Yarik, Can you share it with the rest of the community?
  5. NoamM

    Need help with internet connection

    Hi shakreeelmi,Use the information in this link "Unitronics Technical support" on the SQL section. There is a guide written by Unitronics Support that will help you troubleshot your issue.
  6. NoamM

    Disable nuisance Alarms at Start-Up

    Hi Olekomio , You can use have a number of ways to do it - 'Disable, Shelve and Suppress' - From the "Help" section:
  7. Hi Interroga, - Change Group Name This event exist, it event number is 4 - Delete Group I think that deleting a Group from UniStream is not possible, What exactly do you mean?
  8. NoamM

    Alarm summary on Web Server?

    Hi _MELLON_, You can build a widget that use the "Alarm Status Struct". For example, if I have 3 Alarms in my application I can use "Alarm Status Struct -> Alarm State[0]" "Alarm Status Struct -> Alarm State[1]" "Alarm Status Struct -> Alarm State[2]" to trigger alert (text or some graphic element). Any Alert can be saved in a Data Table and be acceded later on.
  9. NoamM

    MQTT Troubleshooting

    Hi Santiago Fernández, Please submit an issue throw our support system in http://support.unitronics.com/index.php We will help you troubleshot your issue.
  10. Hi Kestralcontrols, In order to download a file that stored on the SD card via a web server "Hyper Link" use the prefix "ExternalSd" before the path to the file. For example, lets assume the next file exist on my SD card "/MyDir/MyFile.txt". and that I have a "Hyper Link" widget that it "Tag:Link" is tag PATH_TO_FILE. If I will set PATH_TO_FILE to "/ExternalSd/MyDir/MyFile.txt" and press on the "Hyper Link" on the web site the file will be downloaded:
  11. Hi Skout , What are the Ladder function call parameters used? How do you use "Store DTI to File"?
  12. Hi Interroga, In the help section I can see the next data on the "User Access Control Struct": Seems like what you wanted, no?
  13. Hi Eugenio, I will ask our QA teams to simulate the issue in order to see if its a logic error . In what modem do you use? what is the PANEL version (UniApps -> About )?
  14. NoamM

    Email Account configuration

    Hi greml1n, Thanks for the suggestion, I will add your request to our list. Anyway, you can use the "UniApps" -> "Network" -> "Email Accounts" application to configure the Email accounts:
  15. NoamM

    How to use "Read from DTI row, Write to SQL"?

    Hi Priyanka Shahi, Let's go over the steps to use: #1. Create a "UniLogic Query" for parameter A When you are using "Read from DTI row, Write to SQL" function block the first parameter is Query that belongs to an SQL data base. for example: In this example I've created a Query named "My Query" that belongs to data base "Database1". When I will use "SQL Query" function block with "My Query", UniStream will connect to "Database1" according to the specifics I gave it - IP =, Port = 1234, etc... The SQL query syntax will be added in the next steps. #2. Add a Data Table for parameter B Let's add the next Data Table: 12 rows of the next struct {"ID" - UINT8, "Age" - UINT8} #3. Add SQL syntax our "UniLogic Query" The SQL syntax of the "UniLogic Query" will be the code that will be preformed in the SQL Server. One can use the "Add New Query" (see image below) button, when he creates a "UniLogic Query", in order to create in a fast & convenient way the SQL syntax for the SQL operation he wants: For example , let's say we do not have a SQL table that feet to our table created above in our SQL Server. If we use "Add New Query" -> "Script from Data Table as" -> "CREATE", and link the the table we created, we will get: /************************************************************************************* Use this query in a 'SQL Query' Ladder Element. The PLC will create an SQL Table with a strcture that matches the DTI's structure. ****************************************************************************************/ IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID(N'[Table1]') AND type in (N'U')) BEGIN CREATE TABLE [Table1]( [ID] [int] NOT NULL, [Age] [int] NOT NULL ) END This is the exact code we need to create the Data Table we created in our SQL Server. The table already exist and you want to add the data? no problem, let's use the "Add New Query" -> "Script from Data Table as" -> "INSERT": UniLogic does the job for us. #4. Add 'From Index' for parameter C and 'Number of rows to write' for parameter D Straightforward. Just add the values that detriment from what index you start and what are the number of rows you want. If for example we use: 'From Index' = 2 'Number of rows to write' = 2 If the query syntax is the "INSERT" query before, 2 rows of the Data Table from index 2 will be added to the table in the SQL Server.