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Cara Bereck Levy

How to get Help with Unitronics Products: Do's & Don'ts

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How to get Help with Unitronics Products


  • Check the Help file. Press F1 to open the Help. Use the Table of Contents, Index, and Search function to find information.

  • Look at the Example programs:
    Download examples via the Help tab.

    UniLogic Sample Apps.png

    Examples are installed with your program.

    VisiLogic Examples.png

  • View our how-to videos for: UniLogic  |  VisiLogic   | U90 Ladder.
  • Search the forum.


  • Post in the forum—if you haven't found your answer.  
    Be nice.  
    Did someone respond?
    Thank them.
    Ask you a question?
    Please—respect the community. Most of the people here are volunteers!

When you DO post, please:

  • Include Software Version and Controller Model.
  • Describe your problem - clearly.
  • Your project - attach it to your post, via the Attach icon.   
    This enables people to open, for example, the TCP/IP CARD INIT block to check your settings.
    If you cannot post it, make sure your captures show enough information.  
  • Pictures of function blocks without the corresponding dialog boxes are usually worthless.


  • Don't be afraid to try different ways to solve your problem before posting.  Faulty
    code will not break your PLC.  Experiment! You will learn - and probably have fun.
  • Don't expect ready-made code to solve your problem.
    Every situation is different.  You will have to work - but we will try to help you.


  • Answer questions - ALL the questions. There is a reason for every question asked. 
  • Thank the people who help you.
  • Report on how you resolved your problems—this helps other people in the community.

Contacting Unitronics Support

You can:

  • Use the Support Portal to open a support ticket http://support.unitronics.com/index.php
  • Write to our Support team at support@unitronics.com

We all make mistakes. Good luck, and happy programming!


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On 4/23/2018 at 7:03 AM, Cara Bereck Levy said:

Support Portal

You must find the person responsible for passing up on the available term "Supportal" and punish them appropriately yet severely

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