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Visilogic burn download taking too long

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I've wanted to ask this for a long time.

When downloading full project to Vision PLC, which contains several full-screen graphics (System Images = 1.7 MB, + Downloading 94 image(s) = 252 KB), the full download with burn-to-flash feature takes about 40 minutes over LAN!

That is waaaaaay too long. Is there any way to speed it up? It's just 1.7 MB of data. Even copying a floppy disk would take a few minutes.

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+1 on using Download only while developing.  When you do a simple Download, only the things you've changed are downloaded.

Download and Burn takes a ridiculously long time.

 Don't forget to upload your memory table values (Export PLC Operands to Binary File or Text File) when you're done, too, so you have a record of all your settings.  If you have values in Data Tables you need to save those as well.  They will save in your project file but you need to make the effort to read and save the Data Tables from the Data Table dialog.

Joe T.

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I frequently download very different projects to the same PLC for testing .

This leads to long download time.

In most of cases this is inevitable.

a. Flash is erased by blocks, not by Bytes.

b. Erase and program time cannot be exactly predicted.

I ALWAYS use simple Download.

If I have to store project in flash memory, I do this from INFO mode.

This is much fastest.


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I've found out that this also works:

- Download your program to RAM (fastest)

- When done, go to Info mode, submenu Flash, and choose option "Burn to flash" or "Save to flash".

The PLC will save the program from RAM to flash, and do it in background, so the program is still running and PLC is responsive.

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