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Repair M91

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Hi, we have a  m91-2-t1 running our injector test bench and has recently 

Stopped functioning. Screen powers up and displays static message, but 

will not operate from that point.

Looking at it in Ladder software you can see the keypad functions and software runs all

All functions, but nothing in regards to outputs. (all powers and grounds are present)

We are in Australia and we are not sure where to send it to be repaired, whether here or US.

Cheers Grant

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  • MVP 2023

You can check via software  system bit SB8.

If SB8 =1 you lost battery inside and lost some data or program.  If no program  - no output active.

Do you have a project for this PLC?

If yes - try to test (replace) battery and reload project to PLC.

If no project present and SB8=0 try to Upload project to PC,

You can replace PLC to another one if project succesfully uploaded from old PLC. 

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  • MVP 2023

Good call, Cam, the fuse was indeed blown.  I've never had one blow so had pretty much forgotten they are there, and being an M91 I hardly work with them now.  I had them on a number of projects that have all been demolished in the last few years.  

The unit is running on a 12V battery system that is not permanently connected.  Wondering if a mistake reversed connection would do the fuse, but there appears to be innate reverse diode protection?  If this is so, seems strange it didn't take out the lower amp F1. again with protection.

A few mods are going in along with repairs.

cheers, Aus

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