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  1. Hi Oleh, Why do you need timer resolution 1 msec? PLC scan time will be number of msec, and timer resolution have no meaning in this case. What PLC should do to use 1 msec timer resolution? B.R.
  2. Hi, As this problem happens after PS shortcut, you have to check power supply. 1. Check PC for output voltage, voltage fluctuation and ripple. 2. Check PC for load. Recommended to keep PS loaded not more than 80% of maximum load. *If maximum load is 2.0A, then use PC rated for 2.5A. 3. Replace PS for new/good working one. Best regards,
  3. Hi, Send your request to support@unitronics.com and explain your request. B.R.
  4. orso2p001 Is you link for Linux-like PCs? "#!/usr/bin/env python" damiankk - How about to use SQL database connection? You can create data table and add records with time stamp. Then use this information as you wish. B.R.
  5. Hi In Windows 10 use "Win"+ "Laft/Right Arrov" to move window or pop-up back to Laptop monitor. B.R.
  6. Hi, All outputs are Normal Open. Power-off PLC. If contact stay closed, then contact is welded.
  7. Please show how you set all Input jumpers and how you wired PT100 sensor. Hope it is 3 wires. Use minimum configuration for test - only 2 AI. B.R.
  8. Hi, 1. Please check jumpers for good contact. *Take jumpers from other PLC for test. 2. It is not recommended to exchange board. Upside board store all calibration data for upside board. Downside board store all calibration data for upside board. B.R.
  9. Hi, Please send your request to support@unitronics.com Add to your request PLC SN, from what version of firmware to what version of firmware you did upgrade, or what is a UniLogic version you used for firmware upgrade. How you did upgrade - Disk on Key, or remote. Does USB connection to PLC works? B.R.
  10. Hi, you can find recommendations and advises when search in forum for "display elements". One of topics: Finally, Send your questions and requests to support@unitronics.com. In this case forun cannot help you direct. B.R.
  11. Hi lukeh, Please provide next information for successful troubleshooting: 1. How many files are in each directory and sub-directory? *Review help to see limitations. 2. What is a size of each file, especially last you are referring. *Very long files will make access time unacceptable. 3. When SB344 stuck - scan and repair file structure at PC. 4. Make visual check if a file structure is OK (no strange file names and directory names, etc.). If there are strange file names and directory names, etc., then backup all data and format SD card again before use.
  12. Raspberry PI serial ports are TTL (unipolar, low level). You cannot use it for direct connection to other non-TTL devices. Communication to PC use RS232 bipolar signals. You have to use any available TTL-to-RS232 converter, either shild, HAT, or other one. When hardware interface will be connected, you can continue with PI and PLC programming. You can read details at next link: https://elinux.org/RPi_Serial_Connection#:~:text=The Raspberry Pi serial port,the other%2C and vice versa. B.R.
  13. Download Cashe by use of WiFi. If this is not possible - test if you can download cache in Remote Operator (PC) and look if there are errors pointing to specific picture. This points to bad picture image at PLC memory (and in project). You have to replace damaged image and reload all project, include images, and test cache load by Mobile Remote Operator.
  14. Hi Moran, Unitronics PLCs are industrial, and wotking with 0V as a '0' signal, and 24V as '1' signal. See details in Help. Unitronics PLCs does not support SPI and similar proticols, as these protocols use TTL level signals. If you have to support SPI protocol, you have to use converter. B.R.
  15. Access remotely by VNC and access UniApps at Virtual Display. B.R.
  16. Hi all, Unitronics continue to improve everything related to new Router, include receiving SMS. As this Router is new, it will take some time to make all functions working as supposed. B.R.
  17. Hi, One more tricks: With a "Windows" key on keyboard - press and hold "Win+Shift" then press on Left/Right arrow. This will move active pop-up window between monitors (left, right, left, etc.). Hope this is a shortest .trick, which does not clean or change any program settings, or Registry. *Sometime you cannot close VisiLogic, and this is an invisible window keeping it open on "virtual" display. In this case programmers "kill" VisiLogic task and start it again. Now correct this by "Win+Shift" then press on Left/Right arrow. Hope many programmers will e
  18. Please post your test project. It may include errors in Ladder.
  19. kratmel, Why you supply link to France site? Original documend will be found at Unitroinics Technical Library. It is updated from time to time. https://www.unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/UniStream-Remote-I-O-User-Manual.pdf
  20. Look at Unitronics Helpdesk artille: Vision PLC battery change without losing data https://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/vision-plc-battery-change-without-losing-data
  21. 1. Project is not erased. 2. Reset equivalent to power cycle. 3. Initialize & Reset clean ALL memory registers and make Reset. *&Data Tables are not affected by Reset, nor by Initialize & Reset. You can find all this information in Help file. B.R.
  22. To be able establish connection from PC to PLC: 1. It is recommended to initialize all 4 sockets to default values, as in Help. 2. PLC Socket 1 TCP/Sever(Slave) Port 20256. 3. Connect from VisiLogic to PLC IP Port 20256. When online, or download, port status should be "Connected" and PCOM.
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