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Smartphone, Tablet,... ?

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This morning, while taking a coffee, I was considering next idea : shouldn't it be great to have the "remote access" or the "remote operator" software running on a smartphone or tablet PC ?

Then we are done with all the problems of the enhanced webserver, where from time to time it stops running (only a cold reset -power OFF/ON can help).

Then we are using the screens of the OPLC to control our project, instead of making some html pages.

To access my OPLC without any problems, I now use "teamviewer" to access a PC who can execute the remote operator software ! and this works nice !

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I've used ScadaMobile by SweetWilliams for Apple products (Iphone and Ipad). I use Modbus Gem 2.2 which is unlimited use for Modbus and is in the $30 range I believe. I used the Android App previously mentioned for use with Android products. Still waiting on a product for Windows 8 products. I think there is only one app currently to check basic connection and a few values.

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now we need an win based PC to run remote operator of remote access.

When You make this work on a android based of apple based (ipad?) system, then we have a very powerfull system, because we only need to program the PLC and not some difficult HTML pages !

An yes, I want to control the PLC from Tampa to Sofia.

The amount of users ? I think 1 at a time is enough, because you are using the screens of the PLC (like you are in front of the PLC)

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"... We are discussing this idea very seriously. I'm pretty sure we will do it, but don't know how much time ti will take."

Just a point to consider:

May be the way is to embed in the PLC a messaging client of Message-oriented middleware as FB, for example HornetQ?

"HornetQ is an open source project to build a multi-protocol, embeddable, very high performance, clustered, asynchronous messaging system"

This will give an easy way to connect controllers and PC applications anywhere in the world.

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started this topic one year ago, but still no app to download ?


I found something in the app store for Ipad customers : the software HMI draw from sweetwilliamsl.com -> price 0.99 $ of 0.89 €

I bougth this, tested it and approved 100 % good.

But you have still a lot af programming to do !

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