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SD card recommendations


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I have been playing with a handful of micro SD cards that I had lying around. They were all formatted using SD Card Suite. I tried them in the V350, and also in SD adapters in the V570. My very limited results to date are that 4GB Kingston and 2GB Transcend cards worked great. However, the 2GB Sandisk cards did not work. The PLC simply does not recognize the card. They work fine in a PC card reader. Does anyone have either a formal recommendation or informal information about which cards work well?

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Strangely, I've found the 2GB Sandisk cards to be the MOST reliable with these PLCs. There are a couple of things to try. 1) Format the card in a desktop PC instead of a laptop. 2) Use the free Panasonic SD card formatter to format the card first, then use the Unitronics SD Card Tool after.

Until recently, I had lots of problems with SD cards and Unitronics PLCs. Since then, I've upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit and VisiLogic 9.4.0 and now no more problems. I'm not sure which of these solved my problems or if it was something else.

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