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Ethernet connection to UniStream


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My less than graceful great dane got his foot caught up with my communication cable to my UniStream. Needless to say he pulled the cable out of the controller along with the jack that the cable plugs into so the USB device connection is screwed.
I'm trying to connect to the UniStream with an Ethernet cable and am having no luck. I plug an Ethernet cable into my laptop and into UniStream and port lights do light up. I went into UniApps to obtain the IP address to enter into PLC-PC communications to  connect using Ethernet and I am having no luck. What am I missing?


Also, is it possible to send the panel back for repair of the USB device jack? This panel is brand new, I didn't even pull the plastic of the screen yet :(

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First of all, let's talk about Ethernet communication. In your case, hence connecting the PLC to PC directly, both Ip addresses should be of the same domain. So, if your PLC's IP address is, then your PC should have a similar address such as 

In most cases it will make more sense to first see what is the IP address assigned to your PC, and then change the address in the PLC accordingly.

To check the IP address on your PC (in Windows) do the following:

1. Go to the command prompt - the easiest way to do it is to type "command prompt" in Windows search line and select the first program that pops up.

2. Type "ipconfig" in the command line and press enter.

3. A list of numbers and texts will appear. Your PC IP address will next to the text "IPv4 Address".


Regarding the repair of your PLC, please contact your supplier for repair information.

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I still cant connect the PLC directly to my laptop with an Ethernet cable. I am however able to connect when I plug the Unistream into my router. Im obviously still missing something

Are you familiar process of defining a static IP address in your PC? If not, this is a step you should know. To communicate between two (or more) devices over Ethernet, they must be configured to be in the same network. In most cases (connecting to the internet for example), the modem/router is "deciding" on what address the network should be. It assigns an IP address to the PC using a system called DHCP. 

For connecting directly directly between PC and PLC, you need to manually define the network parameters. Here is how to do it:

1. From the search bar in windows start menu, type "view network connections" and select the first result.

2. From the window that was just opened, right click on the icon named "Local Area Connection", and select "Properties"

3. From the Properties window, double click on "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)".

4. Select "Use the Following IP address", and type the parameters of the network. in "Subnet mask" type and in "default gateway" type (as defined in the Unistream). For the IP address, select a different one like

5. Press OK twice to close the two windows.

You should now be able to communicate between PC and PLC. Please note: you must revert back the changes you made to be able to use the internet again, hence changing the state back to "Obtain IP address automatically".


I also recommend reading some more about Ethernet networks and communication. It can prove most useful in the field of industrial automation (and others). I attached a short PDF from Visilogic help file giving some background on Ethernet networking.


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