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Another one topic PLC/E-mail. Unfortunately, I'm not able to copy with the problems.


I use the ladder from Example (of course). In CMD I write "telnet pop.gmail.com 25" and I can see the protocol type used by the server. After that i tape "pin pop.gmail.com" and see the IP address of the server. 

The first change that I make in the ladder is IP in "TCP/IP - Tcp connect" block. The new IP is the same as IP address of the server. 

The second change is in the "E-mail" block. "From:" e-mail is Support@unitronics.com and the receiving e-mail is "..........gmail.com". When I press "connect" in HMI the system is able to connect. However, when I press "Send E-mail" there are two mistakes: "The server cannot receive data (DATA mode error)" and "From address format incorrect " I have tried many settings but non of them was workable. Please, give me an advise where might be the mistake! 


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2 hours ago, Joe Tauser said:


This is an old thread.  Are you having a problem?

Joe T.

Yes, My original problem was similar to this one, but I have since been able to send email. However, it is not consistent. Many times I get an error about there being an issue with my password, other times, as soon as the 'send email' bit goes true, it closes the socket connection for some reason. I can try to send an email over and over again and get very inconsistent behavior. I am using gmx over port 587.


I posted a new topic about it here, 

But i hadn't gotten any bites yet, so I was looking around at other posts.

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