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RTC time update


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You may edit the RTC via the ladder and/or HMI Time elements for user entered time.  This will require a "RTC Time" tag to be completed this way.  Or you may hardcode the RTC via the System Struct, "RTC Time".  It is also configurable via UniApps: from the System Tab choose "Time & Date" option. 


More information on the RTC elements can be found through the following directory in the help files: HMI Screen Editor/HMI Elements (HE)/Time and Date/Time and Date


It is not possible to synchronize the PLC time with your PC time, unless you have a UTC time server on the PC you may connect to.  However, you may choose to connect to other time servers via the intenet to perform this.  There is an example of this in our "Sample Applications" download via the help tab in UniLogic.  The application is called "UniStream_070_RFC_1305_UDFB" and can be found through the following directory: UniLogic Examples_V1.12 rev. 20/WIN7 or WINXP/Time based applications.


Hope this helps.

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