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I am having problems getting any output or input from a V200-18-E4XB attached to a V570.  I believe the wiring is correct and power is being supplied to all the appropriate places.  I also believe the jumpers are set properly. AO to B, AI to A.


SB 177 shows that the snap in module is installed and responds when the module is removed.


The AI always shows 32767. 


When using a volt meter to measure output voltage of the AO, I never get more than a few mV not matter what values is written the to output register.


I also tested a DO without success.  


Is there a definitive way to determine if the snap in module is damaged?  .



Thanks for your time.

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  • MVP 2023

Any chance it's set to current versus voltage?


Or it's completely missing some jumpers?  It sounds like you have done everything ok, but perhaps you didn't have one of the plugs fully inserted, which you corrected in fitting the new module?




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