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V350 sms configuration issue

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Hello i use Vision V350 for data acquisition and alarm system via SMS messaging.

I have 3 phone numbers in my config. When operator needs to know the status of the variables he sends the command message and V350 answers it via GSM modem.

Logically it should be like operator sends the request and PLC replies to this exact operator, so i set send SMS to Last Received Number.

For two of the numbers it worked well, but for third PLC didnt send back the message. Modem busy bit was active for some time and suddenly reset too early. dont know is it the issue with the number itself or anything else, but i had to make sure that the message comes to the operator, so i made it the way as if anyone sends the request the reply comes to all 3 operators. And it works well, but this algorythm is not good, as the messages bother people who didnt send the request and it is just too many messages.

I could not find any solution for long time and the problem is that this PLC is 100km away from office, so i dont go there very often. Then i noticed in SMS configuration there is a check box "OS 3.7.1 and higher". Is it VisiLogic version meant by this? And if my Visilogic is 9.8.9 and the box is not checked, could that be a reason for the failure? Or could you give other suggestions please?



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Hi Guy,

Yes, thats what i am talking about. When i select Last received phone number option, then PLC replies only to 2 of 3 operators. When third operator sends the command, PLC doesnt respond, but when i select to reply to operators specific phone number it works well. So i was wondering mby the problem hides in OS version, cuz i checked everything and havent found a solution.

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Hi  Vamalgise,

I recommend to make simulation at your office.

Use the same provider's SIM card, and the same modem model.

Then you can trace online hot SMS was sent, and what are statuses.

There is a "Send Fail Bitmap". explained in "Help->SMS Operands".

In office it will be simplest to find where the error is.


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