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SD Clone with OS Downgrade

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Hi guys,

I have an older project on a V570 that needs replaced.  It's a very intricate project with alot of Modbus TCP and lots of CanOpen communications.

I'm trying to upgrade to the latest OS first, but if I run into any issues, I'd like to clone the project from the original V570, along with the older OS, and restore it into the new unit.

I was wondering if this is a viable approach, and if there are any "gotchas" I should watch for.

Edit:  The original is programmed in Visilogic 9.3, the new one is 9.8.9.




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Assuming there is some reason for upgrading to 9.8.9, yes you can clone the V570 PLC to the SD card prior to the upgrade and then restore it to the original condition if you experience some problem. However, especially when you have an intricate project as you mention, I rarely do any upgrade of that nature because you're just asking for trouble. I always use Version Swapper on my laptop to return to the original version of VisiLogic and do any software changes from that. Others do it differently, but I believe if it ain't broke, don't fix it (in other words don't upgrade the firmware unless it's necessary for some reason).

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In general, I also avoid this, but on the other hand, I like to keep reasonably current.  This was the last project under 9.3.0, so upgrading it also eliminated a version from Swapper.

The transition went smoothly enough, only one major hiccup.  I had a Modbus TCP PHR function block that was writing to memory address 0x402 in the target device, and it spontaneously changed to decimal "4" out of the blue.  I corrected it, and communication was restored.  The peculiar thing is, there are two of these FB in the program, but only one was "mutated".

On a side note, we also have an AB SLC running on their OS version 307, and programming in RS Logix 500 version 7.  We never upgraded because we have never needed to, and still don't - only two of these in the building.

We needed to get some spare parts, so I contacted our local vendor, and they informed us we would have to purchase the spare processor with the latest firmware (around $2k for 1 card!) and our RSLogix would not support it, so we would need to buy that too ($2500 more!).  Of course, we could always sign up for a Tech Connect contract that we would never use, but includes software upgrades, etc etc etc.

Just one more reason I love Unitronics - we could actually have this discussion about whether or not to update.  With Rockwell, it's forced on you, a planned-obsolescence money-making scheme...  grrrrr,,,

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1 hour ago, Joe Tauser said:

I'm still running RS Logix version 9

Geee......I thought I was the only one doing this for the one thing I need it for...but I'm still on 6.2!!

It ain't broke yet, so I don't fix it!  But it might change to Uni when it does, for the very reasons TM says.

Regardless, I often fix if I can, sometimes it's the most minor component that has failed.  Once, I could only get a non-RTC version of an older PLC 2nd hand but new.  Needed the RTC though.  On the hope it wasn't different firmware b/n the RTC and non-RTC models I purchased the unit, sourced and fitted the RTC chip, and bingo....major issue fairly easily solved. In eventually checking out the old unit, discovered the bit of swarf on the board that some careless person had created drilling above the unit letting it all fall on things below.  How do I say "Fair Dinkum!" in everyone's language?!  But was also able to fix this too.

I'm old enough to be a fix-it bloke, but today's world has very much changed to "throw it away if it stops", with TM's observation of "we'll make it to fail in 3 years anyway" also high on the list of annoyances. 



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