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Max # of EX-RC1's in a Unilogic Project


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I have a project configured with 9 EX-RC1's and a Unistream USP-156-B10......I just discovered in the help files that there is a limit of 8 EX-RC1's in one project.

The Unilogic software allowed me to set-up all 9 EX-RC1's without any warnings. The actual hardware is in the process of being installed and wired.

Can anyone tell me if this configuration is going to cause a problem? There are a total of 14 digital I/O modules connected to the EX-RC1's, with the largest number of I/O modules on any one adapter being 3.

I am hoping that the help file is outdated and that I can actually have more than 8 adapters in my project.

I wont be able to actually test it until installation is complete, and would really like to know before then.

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On top of Joe's idea, another suggestion:

Can you run longer cabling b/n the closest pair of RC1s to reduce your total to 8?  You're not loading them up much, so perhaps this might be the simple solution needed.  As they're only digital I/Os this should be easily achieved with multicore shielded, even for a relatively long distance, given that you must already have cable runs b/n them somewhere and if already exposed then conduits already exist.  Phew...that was a long sentence!  And it also lets you do it now during construction, rather than stuff around later.



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Interesting idea about the "sub-master" RC1 Joe. I don't think that would have ever occurred to me.

I had already been thinking about the cable b/n two adapters and wasn't really liking that option

I don't really see any reason why it wouldn't work perfectly well with more than 8 adapters.......in Unilogic, there are two 32 bit registers (UniCan Stasticics Struct.Alive Bitmap) that act as a bitmap to display which Canbus ID#'s are "alive". That leads me to believe that there are closer to 60 max. units allowed (Vision series can handle up to 60 nodes on the UniCan network)

I had five of nine units connected and functioning today and I will have the last 4 connected for testing tomorrow.

Thanks for the contingency plans. Hopefully won't need them.



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