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Display list of vectors as ASCII string

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In my program I receive a length of vectors on MI120 - MI143.

When I use ASCII string to display all the vector in one line on the HMI, I only get the first character which is inside MI120, even when the length is very long. 

When I put RTC to vector, it is possible to display it with the samen function.

So for example:

MI120 a
MI121 b
MI122 c

I want to see: abc, but I only get a.

How can I solve this?


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I'm using the V570.  On display there is only the first letter "a" visible, nothing more. 

Now I've made a test program:  #72 (H) in MI0, #56 (8) in MI1. On HMI I use the ASCII String function with start of vector: MI0 and number of characters is 4. And still only H is visible on the screen.


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As Flex said the ASCII is store with to characters per MI,    To test go online and change the data type to HEX and insert 3333 in to MI120 and 3636 in to MI 121 

You should see 3366 on the display

If you dont check the String pattern and make sure it's long enough to display what your trying to show.



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