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With all display issues I make sure the firmware on the PLC is up to date, then download a BLANK project, re-initialize, then download my working project. If you still have a problem, you will need to contact your distributor or Unitronics for any other available remedy.

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Reset means re-boot and is equivalent to a power cycle. Re-initialize means reset plus erase all memory operands. Either can be performed from the PLC INFO Mode or from the VisiLogic Connection menu item. It's usually a good idea to re-initialize prior to (or immediately after) downloading a new program for the first time.

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 Please try to recover this issue as follow:

·         Download a blank project to your PLC by using COM port RS232 115200 baud rate.

·         Initialize and reset the PLC (all value will be cleared)

·         Open the original project

·         Restore system images (see below how to..)

·         Perform build-all from Build menu

·         Download all & burn the project to the PLC (again by using COM port RS232 115200 baud rate)


I hope it helps.

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