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Problem with mirror HMI images on display of V570

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Hi Nikola, yes that's a good one.  I don't have a 570 to play with, but it looks like something changed via info mode.  On other models SB38 did a pixel inversion, but I don't think this is relevant here apart from the possibility that there might be another unlisted SB that has been changed somehow that has caused it.  Have you tried a full power off for a minute then reboot yet?

Of course, everyone is going to be making fun of how much your latest partying has been affecting your Vision.  haha.  :P



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Sorry to bring up an old post, but has anyone found a cause/solution for this? I have a V570 in the field that's several years old that's just started doing it. The software/firmware has not been touched since it shipped, and has run trouble free for thousands of hours. We don't have easy access to the controller for testing, so before I ask him to ship it in/replace it, I wanted to see if there was something else to check.

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Maybe Nikola might respond to a PM?

In line with Flex's response above, wondering if doing an initialise and reset might cure things?  But this will mean the user needs to get into info mode if you can't do it remotely.  

If remote access is possible but not currently in place, and it is a long way away, consider sending the user some components to get you online?  Or try sending an SD with the program for them to transfer, before ship/replace?

I'm wondering whether it might be some innate thing in the display itself, that perhaps an internal connection jiggle might cure.  But all of these need basic skills.

cheers, Aus

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