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Visilogic crashing errors

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I have been editing and adding to a Visilogic program written in  the last version of Visilogic. (BTW. I finally did get Visilogic to install correctly) While working on the graphics, arranging the screens, I suddenly got an error. And it immediately crashed Visilogic. Now every time I open it, I get an error ( see attached) . I can get passed it, but I basically doesn't let me do anything on that hmi panel. It just crashes the software any time I try to do something. Pretty frustrating...............Any help?


And I even am running as administrator! This software seems to have a lot of glitches.



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you are trying to open new prohect with an old software version.

The database of the project is 152
The database of the project is 154
you cannot load this project - new file will be opened.

but I am using the same version of the software, I closed the application and reopened it 20 minutes later and now only this message appears.

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