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I am using a V570 with V200-18-E2B snap IO. Software version is 9.8.65

I am linearizing a pressure sensor (4-20 ma) to be able to read from 0 to 30.00 inHg. As you can see in the image below I made y2 a value of 3000 to be able to display it with 2 decimals in the HMI.



However I still need to get it with 2 decimals into a Float (MF) to be able to convert this value to mbar by multiplying it by 33.86.   

So basically what I can't figure out is that if I get a value 3000 (30 inHg) I need to be able to put into a float 30.00, If I get 15 should be able to put into a float 00.15 and so on.

Is this something that can be done by using Num to Ascii and putting the ascii value into 2 MIs?  then using those 2 MIs into a float convert A+b/n?

I am hoping somebody point me in the right direction in how to achieve this.


Thanks in advance

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Why not simply use a second linearization function?



Besides that, be aware that you are demonstrating a precision which is not existing, when you display the inHG-Value with two decimal digits.
Your PLC can only read 819 value points (highest value 1023 - lowest value 204), which means every increase of MI0 by 1, will increase MI 1 by 3,663 (3000 inHG / 819).

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