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HMI Freezing when playing video


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I have a medium sized program that runs without problems on its own. I was requested to have a video play on the HMI as a sort of screensaver. I added this by using a default bit in UniLogic called "General.Touched Bit" that goes high when the screen is touched. I used this to reset a 1 minute timer (see picture 1), this way the timer would reset back to 1 minute countdown every time the screen was touched. When the timer runs out a bit i named "Run Video" goes high which i then use in "Actions" to load a screen named Video (see picture 2 and 3). This screen consists of 2 elements. The video element taking up the full screen size and an invisible button over it. The video settings can be seen in picture 4. The button is used just to load last screen.

This when tested works just as requested except if the video has been running for a while the whole HMI freezes. The PLC functions remain and the other processes still work, but the HMI is unusable until a forced reset by power loss is done.

My setup can be seen in picture 5 and my HMI is the Unistream 7" Modular.

If anyone knows what causes the HMI freeze when playing video a reply is much appreciated. I have considered the HMI heating up being the problem, but doesn't seem to be the case.






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On 12/10/2018 at 1:44 PM, NoamM said:

Please send a mail to support@unitronics.com

Hi NoamM,

do you have any solution for this problem? Used model is USP-156-B10, firmware is updated to 1.30.58.
I have same issue, screen just freezes after playing clips for a  while. Only reset helps to debug.
And i have only 3 buttons to switch screens and load home screen, there are no functions implemented. 
I can imagine that things are going to be even worse if i add logic.
Please let me know why this problem occurs.

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On 12/10/2018 at 10:35 AM, FTSMDLZ said:

When the video has been running for a while it will freeze, sometimes after 2 hours and sometimes after 24 hours.


The best solution to prevent PLC display "freeze" - do not play video "for a while".

- Run timer to activate Screen Saver.

- Make Screen Saver delay (T1).

- Show display with some information about company.

- Make short delay (T2).

- Start play video (enable "Auto Play, disable "Repeat").

- When video playback finished - Show display with some information about company.

- Repeat until display will be touched.

Realizing this algorithm will eliminate display "freeze".



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