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V 350 High speed counter

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Hi all,

I have V350-35-R6. Trying to set-up high speed counter on using seamtrics s-series jet flow meter. https://www.seametrics.com/wp-content/uploads/LT-65200067r1.4-20180202-S-Series-Instr_0.pdf. I have tried pnp and npn neither work. I can get it to run on the DI8 modules(using PnP and resistor) and the snap-in modules using NpN on it using the same logic. I just curious if there anything wrong with what i doing wrong. 




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I'm assuming you're connecting the flowmeter to I0 on the PLC, with the jumpers on the PLC set to PNP input.  In this case, the 2.2K resistor on the flowmeter as shown in the S-Series instructions should work.

But it doesn't.  Time to go into troubleshooting mode:

1.  Make sure you've actually downloaded the program with the hardware configuration shown above.  Yes, I have forgotten to do this and then gone online, wondering why it doesn't work right.

2.  Tap I0 with a wire jumpered from the +24V terminal on the PLC power and see if it increments.

3. Put a voltmeter on I0 with the flowmeter connected and try to turn it slow enough to see pulses.  You need at least 17V to trip the input on.

You'll notice I didn't mention the frequency input you've got shown.  Get the counter working first.

Joe T.

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I was following this up on the install guide for the 350, and it is it just the edition I'm looking at or is there an error in the HSC input wiring diagrams?

If so, make sure you've got it right.  And also, why use the resistor at all when the plc can be set appropriately?    And the model question related to what size and max flow rate expected, which in turn will say max Hz.

cheers, Aus.


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