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  I test  on V1040 + V200-18-E46B hardware - started with no problem.

8 hours ago, Flex727 said:

V200-18-E46B Snap-In module is firmly attached and secure.

Maybe problem with sensor configuration or connection.
Panel installed on machine or tested separately?
Is it any VFD or not suppressed contactor coil present in control box?


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14 hours ago, kratmel said:

Is it flyback diode installed on solenoid cirquit?

This is most likely the source of the problem.  The screen you are seeing is what happens when an inductive pulse finds it's way back into the I/O module and kicks the PLC's watchdog timer out.  As kratmel suggests, install reverse-biased diodes across where the solenoids are connected to the I/O module.  It's probably happening when you release two or more solenoids at the same time.

Look at this post-


And here's an explanation with pictures-


Joe T.

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