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Hello guys,

is there a way to put my hmi screen to sleep in a certain period of time when there was no touch on the screen?

But to still keep my process or whatever running.

and also wakes it when the screen is touched... am using V1210

Need help.

Thanks very much.

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Here's a very simple example. I generally add a bit more complexity when I want to give the user the ability to adjust the screen brightness to suit the environment. You also need to be careful because any screen elements with a touch property can still be activated when the screen is touched while backlight is at zero.


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To get around the touch buttons activating you could add code to load a blank display in net 2 of Flex's example and then in net three add a load last display

This would cause the sleep screen to have no touch properties to affect your process and once the screen is touched to wake it up cause it to load the display that was last up.



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Thanks Flex, that helps a lot.  nothing to worry about concerning elements on screen with touch property because there is none.

I may be incorporating some touch elements later, in that case CAM and KRATMEL's advice will take care of that.

Thank you all very much.



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