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PLC - PLC communication with routers on mobilenetwork

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I want to send information via ModbusIP between 3 PLC's (One V570 with ethernet card and 2 Unilogic). One of the Unilogics is master. I need to use mobile network for communication via wireless routers on all three locations. Any tips on how to set this up?


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Fairly straightforward networking setup.   By mobile network; you don't mean that you'll rely on the internet do you?  If you do you're going to have to navigate a lot of security issues which I'd recommend using a VPN for.   If you've got wireless and they are line of sight setup then you can setup a Point-to-Point network.   You don't mention a budget nor distances between points.  This is all information you'll need to determine before you pick a solution.   

Cisco has a decent setup but is costly.  



Hirschmann has some good products


Phoenix has some good products as well.


Take a look at some of this stuff.  I've used these in 2 instances with success.


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