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I watched the attempted moon landing today with great anticipation. Sadly, there was a failure just seconds before the landing which prevented the mission from being a total success, however, I would like to congratulate the Israel Space Agency, Israel, and all the Israeli people for what they did accomplish. This was a private initiative that attempted to do something that only 3 other nations have accomplished in the history of man (and something that none of them are still able to accomplish). What they did successfully accomplish was to place a spacecraft into a stable orbit around the moon, which also has only been performed by three other nations. This was an inspiration to us all and I am certain the next attempt will be 100% successful.

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The V130 has more horsepower than this.

I listened to this book about the space program on audio-



The actual landing of the lunar module on the moon was done by the astronauts.  The landing site initially selected wasn't what NASA thought it was - it was full of boulders and Neil Armstrong had to manually fly the lander sideways for quite a distance to clear them.

There are just some circumstances with too many unknown variables that a computer can't handle.


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So true Joe.

That's why Neil's name was "Armstrong", he was flapping them up and down for ages holding the lander up above those rocks.   😉

I'm always amazed at how they managed to design and build everything in the first place, without any of our "modern technology".  Did you see that TV doco/series about the builds and testing? 

Holy moly!

cheers, Aus

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