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The best laid plans........


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Just a quick snap fully proving one of the laws of cable pulling.

Law 1).  At any time doing cable pulling whilst working alone a long distance into an extremely awkward environment, needing access techniques that would make a Vegas show contortionist proud....

subclause a):  Any cable that needs to be unspooled for a successful draw, no matter how neatly laid out with all twists removed on a reasonable surface, will roll over on itself in the most inconvenient location and loop around a ground protrusion that is metres away from the original track........

Grrrrr!   I have had this happen quite a few times in my life, the worst during a Cat5 pull that caught on a tiny twig 5mm diameter 10mm high sticking out of a concrete seam.  Ruined the 50m of cable...had to start again!  And before you ask....sometimes the situation means it is impossible to  draw things from a spool.

cheers, Aus


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  • MVP 2023

I discovered the following cable laws:
1) The new cable for the
robot teach pendant  will be damaged by the reach track during the first day after the installation. After some time, the possibility of such damage is significantly reduced ...
2) The same robot cable always twists in one direction and makes loops - people constantly walk in a circle in one direction :)
3) No matter how many cables are near your computer. They will still be twisted together very quickly.
4) When it is necessary to remove insulation from several conductors of the cable - one of them will be damaged.

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