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visilogic screen lockout

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Been having issues with this past couple days. Wondering if anyone else had it or found a fix for it. This 2 displays either appear behind the main application, and i can't get to them. Then I am locked out from getting to them. Then I have to control-alt-delete and then task manager and close it. Then reopen and the move application around to right spot to get to them. If not then I have to do it over till I can.





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  • MVP 2023

You're experiencing the "Lost Window" phenomenon, most often caused by doing development on a dual-monitor system and then switching to a single monitor such as a laptop.

Short answer - press "Alt-Space" (together) then release and press "M".  Then you can move the window with your arrow keys - just try holding different ones until it shows up.

It's an ancient Windows key trick that still works.  Check out this page:


Joe T.


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  • MVP 2023

And just as an aside, one of the worst offenders on this is Msoft Office.  eg If you have 2 screens with Excel spread across both, and a file only in the minor screen, when you open it in your laptop voila!  Magically it has ceased to exist, even though Excel is there on screen.  It can be very frustrating figuring this out and I well remember many years ago tearing my hair out on this one.   Restore from backup, still not there, says it is running, but where is it blah blah blah.  In this case the fix is to drag the excel window mostly off screen the right way to be able to enlarge it in the missing direction, and then go from there when the file eventually shows.  All the while muttering things like "Are you for real, Msoft?  No "auto-compensation/alignment?  Yet you constantly ask me multiple silly inane confirmations but don't get something like this right?"    🙄

cheers, Aus

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Unitronics prepared solution in Customers Help Center of HelpDesk - "Off-screen window or pop-up":



This will happen evev if one monitor is used, but pop-up window eventually dragged and dropped outside of display area.

*Use Unitronics HelpDesk to manage your tickets from any mobile device:


You can find solutions for your problems in HelpDesk Help Center.



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