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Can U90 do string within string, even in a roundabout way?

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HI all, I have a small job on that I am sure I can do with a 130, but the cheaper option would be a low level jazz as it only needs 232 comms and a few outputs.  The issue is that I need to find a string within a string that will come in now and then on the serial port.  The main string that routinely comes in occasionally has a different header along with a particular sub-string that can be anywhere near the end of the entire string, and the overall string length always varies according to other inclusions.  If both the header and the sub-string are there, the output actions will be triggered.  Although I've worked with U90 for ages and don't think this is possible, just asking if anyone has found a way to do it?  Or if it is blindingly obvious somewhere and I have simply missed it?!

cheers, Aus

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I'd stick with a Vision Aus, working with strings is just easier inside it, a SM35 would also be a good thing to look at as it's has the native serial port. and you can add a second one or put an ethernet card in if you don't want to use the same port for the program and programming the unit.

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