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Trying To Connect JZ20-J-R16 To Labview, by RTU

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Hello, I have JZ20-J-R16, and I want to read values from output 1 on labview, but I just have a problem in trying to do it. My PLC doesnt have an Ethernet port, I can just connect it by means of a USB, or com port to my PC. So if I wanted to read from this PLC on labview by means of RTU communication, can someone please give out an easy code to do that (to configure the PLC, and thus assign the addresses to each port)? And if I bought an external mode that contains an Ethernet port and connected it to my PLC, would I be then able to communicate by means of TCP through labview?

I need help on this ASAP pleasee

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I donot have modbus configuration on my u90 ladder program. However, I read on several places that it will not work out on JZ20-J-R16, because it doesnt have a built in com, or an ethernet port, so can you give me just a direct answer on whether i need to buy an add on to be able to satisfy this communication, or I could do it without them?

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You can use one of 2 options:

1. Use MJ20-RS RS232/RS485 isolated COM port and use MODBUS RTU.

You can find JZ20 MODBUS RTU examples in directory

C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics\Unitronics U90 Ladder\Examples\MODBUS

Modbus Master.U90

Modbus Slave.U90

Use baudrate 19200.

2. Use MJ20-ET1 Ethernet communication port and use MODBUS TCP.

Take care that there is only one IP socket available for communication.

You can find JZ20 MODBUS TCP examples in directory

C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics\Unitronics U90 Ladder\Examples\MODBUS\



MODBUS addressing described in Help.



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