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"Move/Copy File" Ladder function return status is always 1


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I'm trying to copy a file from a DOK to the SD; the status stay always at 1 and never change (and the file is not copied). The function is "called" by a HMI button that set a bit...in the same ladder rung this bit is reset...then is called just one time.

If something in the UDFB was not set properly I should had a negative value...but this doesn't happens.  What can be?


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Hi NoamM,

Just to be clear I am using static values in each field ...not tags...the file that i want copy from DOK to SD is not inside a folder...and are:

field A -> Copy Move File Enum.CopyDOKFileToSD

field B -> #"Media/Docs/"

field C -> #"960XXX.pdf"

field D -> #""

field E -> #"960XXX.pdf"

field F -> #1

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  • MVP 2023

Hi Orso, have you checked that the microSD is fully in place OK?   Have you tried another card?   Size/Speed/Capacity?   Over the years I have had some that were faulty and needed replacement.....no amount of using manufacturer's programs would get them going.

cheers, Aus

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Hi Ausman,

I think that the SD is ok because the DT that I am using are stored well and also the DOK is ok because if I move the files using the "file browser" this works fine...then is something that is happens when I call this specific UDFB.

I am sure that I am wrong something but I don't understood what...later I will check...

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