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Inputting a set time hh.mm UniStream to Visi


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So Im now getting my head around unistream, many thanks flex727 for the point to the examples.

I have successfully got comms between uni stream and vision and have got most of my control under way and working.


Took a while to get used to the new layout and working but im getting there.



How do i send a set time to vision? In the vision plc there is a time entry function that communicates to other vision over modbus. I can't seem to read and write a set time both ways. uni-vis/vis-uni. Temperature settings are fine as i just use a numeric input. 


Just need hours and mins, is there an input for this. 


Many thanks, Steve

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Hi Kevin

Have you the latest software on the PLC?

On your screensaver if you have an image, assign a touched bit in order to go to a specific page, this should work with the latest version and most VNC

Another way is to put a button the full size of the screen with a touch property to take you out of the screensaver. In the button settings set the background to transparent so that it cant be seen.

These two methods mean that you don't need to use the screen touched bit

Another alternative is if you click on the system tag at the bottom of UNILOGIC, you will see a bit assigned to VNC connected.

You can use this bit to go out of screensave and prevent the screensaver from starting when it is on.




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