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Simply drag your pic into the area you want it to show in your text.  I always do a few spaces either side of the final "drop" location, so that you can adjust things easily if needed. 

If you just want to attach it, drag it into the lower attach area only.

cheers, Aus

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You cannot have initialization and configuration function blocks directly attached to the left ladder rail (your ladder rung 2). Do NOT do that. Use SB 2 to activate those.

Also in ladder rung 3, you are resetting MB 10 when you should be resetting MB 9 (and MB 9 in rung 2 should be a Set coil, not a direct coil).

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@Julian Farnandez - 

This thread was started with a the question of communicating with a Zebra thermal printer - if you're not familiar with it then Google it up.  It's a much simpler printer to talk to than your Epson, which is more of a home printer.

On 12/20/2019 at 5:58 AM, Julian Farnandez said:

But I can't understand what is the system of programming printer.

Many printers can be utilized using the PCL 5 language but it really isn't the purpose of this from to educate people from the ground up on how printer drivers work.  Unitronics doesn't sell printers.

If you do some digging on your own and have a question of how to generate specific commands to send to a printer from a Unitronics PLC, then we can be more helpful.

Joe T.

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