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HMI Range of Images Superimposed

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Hello, I am using a Variable: Range of Images to display the output status of a heat controller. The output status is determined by the LEDs of the heat controller display.The heat controller provides the LED statuses in a byte which I convert to bits using the Vector Number to Bits to view the bit status of the 2 relay outputs and the alarm. Then I convert those three bits back to a number using Vector Bits to Number. The first bit is the Alarm the second bit is Output 2 and the third bit is Output 1. So for the Variable: Range of Images I have the alarm image set for the constant value from 1 to 1. From 2 to 2 I have an image to represent cooling. From 3 to 3 I have an image to represent an over-temp state (alarm and cooling). From 4 to 4 I have an image to represent heating. From 5 to 5 I have an image to represent under-temp (alarm and heating). The MI output from the Vector Bits to Number is exactly as I would expect it to be and the Variable: Range of Images displays the correct image but instead of replacing the image previously displayed, the new status image is superimposed on top of the other image. How can I address this superimposition?


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Dustin sent me his application privately.  The problem was the images he was using had different outlines, so using "Transparent Background" left relics of the previous image visible.  Not using the transparent background didn't look good, either, as the resulting animation looked weird and blocky.

The solution was to use both "Transparent Background" (which applies to the image) AND "Draw on Back Color"


The color used for Back Color can be selected, so I chose the color that most closely matched the pipe he was overlapping with the animation.  It wasn't quite as good as a Bugs Bunny cartoon, but it was good enough. 

Joe T.

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