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Image processing on Samba SM43-J-T20

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I'm wondering if it's somehow possible to do some basic image processing on my Samba SM43-J-T20. I'm not thinking about something fancy, I just want to extract some RGB-Values from pixels of images, sent from a camera connected to the Samba. 

Apologies, if this is a stupid question, I'm very new to Unitronics and PLC's in total.

Thanks in advance.

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In common, SAMBA  and other PLCs are not intended to process images.

But you have to provide more information to give you recommendations.

-How camera is connected?

-Does camera transmit picture, and what is a picture size?

*SAMBA PLC is limited by memory size.

-What information you should extract?

Having more information from you about required operation forum members may recommend you next steps, or recommend better model, or recommend to forgot this...



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  • MVP 2023

To me the essence of the question is for the plc to tell the user what colour it has showing at a particular single pixel, located either by touch or some sort of adjustable pointer system. 

But as to whether the SAMBA can do this, I don't think so, as it is a total reversal of the way the plc is designed to work in the first place. 

Maybe you could overlay a small colour window that you could scroll through to get a visual match, but I don't think there's an easy way to get the actual value, like an "eyedropper" does in image programs.

Glad for someone to tell us otherwise for your sake, Uni.

cheers, Aus

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i use some models industrial vision camera sensor with onboard processing and logic. (Wenglor, Autonics, Cognex ect.)

As for me PLC like Samba can switch up to 16 (32+) proccesing pattern inside camera via Ethernet (modbus ect.) and test via logic input "0" or "1" on camera logic output.

This is simple and fast solution. But the main problem - find vision camera sensor with needed processing algorithms (like color, distance, shape or another parameter) and appropriate speed.  Some of the vision camera sensor need to be external triggered and use external light for correct processing.

Sometimes using self learned  colour mark sensor is more effective solution then using  vision camera sensor. 


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thanks for the quick reply. As the project is still at the beginning, most of these things are not determined yet. 

In terms of connection, I was thinking about a simple ethernet connection as in the Unitronics Demo Case here (https://unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Unitronics-Demo-Case-Guide.pdf). I thought this is the only possible way to connect a camera to the samba anyways?

The camera should transmit a picture, as a seperat vision system to preprocess, is too expensive for this simple task.

Picture size is not determined yet and doesn't need to be very big (probably 64x64 pixels will already be enough). The task will only be about getting the color values of all pixels of the hole image (or probably just a fixed section in the middle), take the average of them and comparing this average value to some predefined constants. So it shouldn't be very memory consuming...

Right now, I just want to figure out, if this is generally possible with my samba, or if I'm better off with a different setup.

I hope, this will make it clearer. If you need some more information, let me know.

Many thanks in advance.

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