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Vision to Zebra printer over ethernet

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i need help from the community in solving one need.

we are using a lot of V130/ 350 / 570 / 700 plc's, and many of them have barcode scanners and barcode printers. until now, all of them have been connected to scanner and printer over RS232.

all the barcode printers are Zebra (ZM400/ ZT 230). on RS 232, the printing works great.

we would like to move the printer from RS232 to Ethernet, but we don't know exactly what would be the settings needed on the ethernet side (port/socket/protocol) and on the printing command.

if anyone can share a back-up...


find in the attachment the current setting for rs232 set-up and printing that we currently use.


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You post your topic on UniLogic Software forum section, do you also need to shift to Unesrteam hardware?

If you stay at Visilogic - please found V700 Ethernet printer sample project in  Help/Examples/Version900/Porject examples/Communication/Ehternet  directory.

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Yes, it is the same. 

Main problem is to manage correct network parameter on Zebra printer via Zebra software.

You can  print internal Network Configuration Label

If you need to use internal Zebra font, simple grafic or generate bar code please see link to online lable generator in my topic




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