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Modified file date


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I'm just noticing that UniLogic is changing the "Modified" file date on the .ulpr file when the file is opened, even if the file was not changed or saved. I've never noticed this before so maybe it's new to 1.29.111. This is BAD! Unitronics needs to fix this problem immediately. If the file was not modified it has no business changing that date. Perhaps I'm missing something - anyone else see this behavior with 1.29.111?

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4 hours ago, Flex727 said:

Software should NEVER modify a file without the user knowing. How am I supposed to maintain proper version control when UniLogic is modifying files willy-nilly?

For one it's not willy nilly... It does it when it opens the project so that it can keep track of things.   

Now on to your issue... 

You can keep track of it in the change control facility directly by creating a text file in your project folder that has the date/time on it.


You can create a production library and a development library and keep track of things that way.


You can create structure your file name such that the naming convention contains the Save Date in it.

Your choice.


Okay, last question:  What product are you using for Version Control?





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I agree with Flex727

a file is as delivered to the customer should not be changed, updated or modified.

looking at a file and exiting without saving is not modifying it.

version control is best done with date and time.

what if you bought a house and the bank changed the date after you had signed the contract?



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  • MVP 2023
13 hours ago, Gabriel Franco said:

Version 1.28.34 does not change date modified.

I suspected this was new to 1.29.111, as I had not noticed it when I was using 1.28.34. In my opinion this is a bug with 1.29.111 and it is a significant one which needs correction.

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