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Communication open and after some time "Error cannot communicate with the PLC with the specified unit ID""


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Hi everyone,

I am using SD card explorer in order to retrieve some files from the device Advantage Pro EL Lyophilizer from SP Scientific, to do so I am connecting to the device via LAN.

TCP settings, PLC name, port number are all correct and I am able to check the connection.

I use Unit ID 0 (direct)

But after a certain time the "listing of files" stop and the following error message « Cannot communicate with the specified UnitID  » is displaying. After this happen, it is impossible to communicate anymore with the device I have to unplug the ethernet cable and plug it again to be able to communicate with it.

The same with Remote access, I can communicate with it for sometime, but after about 1-2 minutes of using it the same error message is displaying.

Do you have any idea how to solve this problem?

Thank you


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