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Temperature controller


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You post message in Projects seeking Programmers...

Than you must have some system setup based on Unitronics PLC (Jazz, Vision or Unistream).

If you post present hardware and PLC setup - someone can offer help with program.


If you do not have any PLC  - please post  present machine configuration in this topic and moderators place your quastions to 

...I have a project...what hardware do I need?


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  • MVP 2023

Just to clarify, this forum is primarily for people looking to hire a programmer for a specific project. If you are just looking for some help to get past a specific problem, then post in one of the other forums on this site based on the PLC you are using.

If you ARE looking to hire, then some details might be helpful, such as your location, what PLC you would prefer to use, and any other hardware details that might be appropriate. I think there are several experts on this forum that would be available for hire if the project is of interest to them.

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