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UniStream IO Bus Status values

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Definitely, last card is dead (W1616T). After 14months, and without active inputs and outputs. Propertly suplied with 24VDC etc...

The door of box sometimes was open, and there is sometimes wet air, maybe it is reason for failure...

I tried remotely to detect problem. Pictures wasnt clear, I couldnt see that power lamp on that card wasnt green (see the picture).

It was strange, IO bus monitor status was 5, Connected Units Register was 7,7,10,255,255,...

Number of Connected Units was 3, and after reset changed to 0, but Connected Units Register was the same: 7,7,10,255...

I tried Configuration without that (4.) card (still connected), but without result.

After all,  I went to factory and tried configuration without that card (I removed card) and it was ok. After that, I replaced the card.  

Sorry for my bad english.



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Hi @Kojekude,

Happy to hear that your issue was somehow resolved.

This post will help us fill a blank in the help as status 5 was added later in order to help understanding exactly your kind of issue: status 5 means "one of the IOs is faulty".

But obviously, if it does not appear in the help, it will not help anybody...

@Shraga, could you please explain to @Cara Bereck Levy the addition of this error code and the way to have complementary informations on the nature of the faulty IO so she can add it to the help?



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After consulting, code 5 actually points out to an IO that is electrically connected, but which software is malfunctionning.

But in fact, this situation should have created a pop up listing all the connected IOs and you should have seen that the last one was missing.

Was it the case for you, @Kojekude?



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