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copy files to SD card over network( whitout SD CARD EXPLORER)

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Is there a way to use a FTP server to get files to the SD card (I already looked at examples and seems that only works for uploading files)


I need to mantain potencially a lot of recipes for near 200 PLCS and altough SD explorer is handy, I dont want to spend hours updating files manually.


I know that I potentially could use MODBUS and a datatable to store the recipe in the background and use the PLC functions to save the parameters on the SD card, but it will require some extra work  and some sort of 2 side actions (Generate the values on the computer, acces to modbus server in PLC , writte and then from PLC using some trigger to create the files... its not feasible with more than 4 recipes and near 200 devices)  for me to do it and more ig is task that should be simple with a FTP server wich the PLC IS capable to reach, right?

I could just mantain the source files on a network folder and make periodical checks to retrive the most recent version of recipe withouth actually sending the file to each PLC .


Its possible or am I asking too much for v570 and v700 PLCS?...Maybe will be easier to automate SD card explorer with some kind of bot?  😅

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Just fot the record I ended programing a macro to run the SD card explorer, I just add a list of the IP numbers and let it run while it goes one by one oppening, browsing for the dessired folder, and then deleting all the content, next upload the new recipes and then starts from the beegining with the new IP and PLC name.

Its kind of slow buecause I needed to ad time outs and detect some specific pictures in order to take control of the mouse, but it works unnatended, wich is the point.

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