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Samba 43 HMI Password HEX entry not working

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I am using a Samba 43-J-R20.  I have screen containing fix parameters I want to hide behind a password.

I have followed other examples I have seen on the forum.  Admittedly it was from the V130, but I cant see why it would work on the Samba.

Can anyone see what I've done wrong?

If I SET MB20 manually, the screen is called and displayed.  it just does not work when the password is entered correctly.

Any help would be great.





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That should work fine, though I would use a Positive Transition contact for MB 20. HMI screen calls should be via transition contacts so they don't get called on every PLC scan. That's obviously not your problem since manually setting the bit works (and this is how I do it regularly with no issue). There's something else going on with your program. Post it here and we'll take a look.

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I do love subtlety in a forum post...



Anyway, I will re-state what Flex said a little more strongly- DON'T USE A NORMAL CONTACT ON A DISPLAY CALL.  There's a high probability the result will be a flashing screen with total loss of control.

Without seeing your program, I can only guess that your problem is probably caused by Legal Entry setting the bit and not resetting it, so it will only work once.  I'd add a RESET coil after the screen call in the same rung.

Post your code.

Joe T. 


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Thanks for your help.  Putting in a positive rise solved the problem.

On another note, does anyone have the code for a simple hours counter?

The machine this is going on will run in cycles of up to 1-2 minutes max.

I want to monitor how long the PLC has been powered on as well as a cumulative time for how long the cycle has been running -  to give me an idea of how many hours the motor has clocked up.

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