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Issues with coils energizing without rung conditions being true

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I added a "List of Images Variable" and linked 15 different images in it to 15 different alarm bits, each with its own rung and conditions and for some reason all of them are being forced on regardless of it's rung conditions. I can't even force them off.  Anybody seen this before?

I've included pictures






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Good catch sgull! I don't know how many times I've accidentally grabbed a coil instead of a contact and then couldn't figure out why my logic didn't work. This is easy to do and the OP certainly copied the mistake to all of the other rungs.

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Good catch indeed.

I was in the process of duplicating the logic and wasn't having any issues...but i didn't even notice the coils instead of contacts and used contacts in my version. I guess my brain just interpreted the coils as contacts.

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