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Samba SM70-J-T38 PTO function

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I think - it is not possible to run PTO on this Samba PLC. You must ask support@unitronics.com for information.


If this I/O option not present in 9.8.95 and file SM70-J-T38.ini not present in folder .......Unitronics VisiLogic_C\Data\HW Cfg in this new Visilogic version   -  SM70-J-T38 - OEM version of Samba PLC. Needed Visilogic config files for this OEM provided by support.

I ask for SM43-J-TRA22-TV OEM PLC config files - support provided needed config and send instruction how to activate this PLC in Visilogic I/O.



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  • MVP 2023

PTO is possible for this I/O combination

V350/ V130: Although you can implement stepper control in this way, V350/130 models such as the V130/V350-TR34, TRA22, TR20, TR6  and

EXF-RC15 offer high-speed outputs that support PTO Functions

T38 is not present in PTO Visilogic Help and no Samba present.

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Hi ;

First you need a  reliable time base.

The only reliable time base  will be the   100ms  pulse   so use it to turn a MB on and off every 100ms   = 5 Hz

Scan time is not reliable as it can vary  from place  processor activity, it may be faster, but not steady.

You could look at the Interrupt routines -- 1.25mS  and 2.5mS   they have to be very short to be effective and not slow down the PLC processing.

                                        There are programs in Example to show how to use them.  You will have to test and experiment.


Move over to a Vision PLC that has the PTO  Outputs already available.










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