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Good morning, I am writing my master's thesis and I use PLC type V130-33-TR20 in the application. To thesis, I need to describe the driver structure, its data structure, program execution algorithm, interrupt list and priorities, diagnostics, etc. I can't find any publications on this subject. Please help me ;)

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All available information about the technical characteristics and hardware configurations is available on the unitronics.com website.

Information about how the software, routines, and interrupts work can be found in the Visilogic Help.

At the same time, the operation of the operating system, circuitry and internal software are the intellectual property of the Unitronics company and it is probably not in open sources.

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It is not a secret knowledge. I have this information on hand for other PLC. I need know how is data organisation, what is going on cykle by cycle in PLC (reading inputs, main program, writing outputs etc.).  How can I prepare diagnostics during working aplication. For all of this information i need published instruction or books.

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