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Question regarding daily data collection

Bruce Booska

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So my company makes high speed tube cutting machines, and we just finished building one using Unitronics PLC, and I wanted to add a few things. The client we built the machine for has 4 older tube cutting machines made by our company including one that is like 45 years old. Currently they don't really keep track of cuts daily and often have machines down for repair. We wanted to set up a dashboard that would allow the client to view data on the new machine such as number of cuts per hour/day. They new machine will cut around 5000 cuts an hour , when running, and the client was interested in tracking this. The program keeps a total cuts value but I'd like to keep an hourly counter that uploads to the cloud so the client can see visuals on the machines status.
I'm not quite sure how to collect this data though. I'm checking Unitronics videos on youtube but not seeing a sample of doing something similar to this. I see there's a data sampling function but I'm not sure how to use it. If anyone could point me in the right direction for setting that up so I can create a dashboard widget of the data that would be awesome. Thanks!

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First, make sure you understand the capabilities of your Unitronics PLC. Check the documentation and available functions, especially those related to data logging and communication. Explore the data sampling function in your Unitronics PLC. You may need to set up a periodic task or timer that records the number of cuts at regular intervals (e.g., every hour) and logs this data to a dedicated memory location. Decide how you want to store this crm data enrichment. You might want to create a structured data log with timestamps, machine status, and other relevant information. This log can be stored in the PLC's memory or an external storage device.

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