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Possible bug with file browser HMI widget


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The file browser widget seems to be identical the SD file browser found in the memory section of uniapps.  There is button on the top right to eject the DOK/USB.  This functions as expected in Uniapps and a pop-up appears with the typical "safe to remove" message and any files from the DOK  that were visible in the right side pane disappear.  With the HMI widget this button does not appear to function.  It is enabled (not greyed out) but pressing it does nothing.  Files from DOK still show in the right pane, no pop up, etc.  If the DOK is removed it does result in a disk error and when inserted in a computer one is prompted to "attempt to repair the drive".  

I installed the latest software/firmware/OS and retested but same result.  I'm not in need of any help on this I just thought I should post it since I could not find anything related already on the forum.  My apologies if this is not the appropriate place to post potential bugs.

By the way, I have just completed my first project on this platform controlling a 3rd party position indexing servo using modbus TCP and i am absolutely loving this product. Outstanding.

I have one suggestion for consideration:  When selecting multiple items on the HMI design screen it would be nice if the properties window showed all properties that were common between all things selected.  That way one could adjust a color or a tag, text size, font or element size dimension, position, etc of all of them all at once rather than having to edit each one individually.   

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8 hours ago, Saragani said:

We have considered the idea of common properties in the past. It is not an easy task.
I will add it to the list again, but I'm not promising anything.

I'm sure it's even more difficult in VisiLogic, but please consider that as well.

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