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Remote access thru Lora TCP/IP


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8 hours ago, Ausman said:

mario, what model plcs were they?  This post would likely be of use somewhere else on the forum.  "Remote Access" refers to a program available, not exactly what you have done.

cheers, Aus

The plc's we want to connect are USC-B5-R38 and a USP-156-B10.

We create a scanner/adapter node. USC-B5-R38 is the scanner and USP-156-B10 is the adapter. On the data cable they talk each other but when we move to the lora units they don't.

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On 5/25/2022 at 5:28 PM, mario81 said:

Hello, I am new in unitronics.

Has anyone tried to connect a two unitronics plc thru a lora TCP/IP  thru ethernet port. 

I have manage to connect two pc s but I am struggle with the plc s 


Hi mario81, I am trying to connect two devices (1 PC and 1 NI device) with Dtu90 modules from ebyte. I don't even manage to connect two PCs with the modules.... how did you set IP adresses (local and target) and ports to make it work?


Thanks a lot in advance !

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Hi, I have used a TCP/IP ethernet connection PLC -> LORAWAN.

I have managed to send / receive a buffer between  two plcs, not to far one to the other in the open field. Had some signal issues which I decided to put a timed relay to reboot lora on both sides.

PLC as a TCP server has to be in the same subnet with lora as a TCP client and when acces make sure you acces from PLC to acces the remote port of Lora.

Hope you manage to have connection but don't expect to much trafic. My case 100 bytes buffer and sometimes lost some of them.

After I have contacted Ebyte with the signal loose problems they come up with other firmware version.






lora modem setup1.jpg

lora modem setup.jpg

lora modem setup2.jpg


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