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GSM Router UCR-ST-B5-EU firmware


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Hi kratmel,

Thanks for your pointers.  The traffic limit in the router is disabled, so that should not be interfering.  

We are using the router for sending sms messages from PLCs via http/GET.  During testing/development we are using a pre-paid SIM card.  The router (understandably) stopped working when the prepaid allowance of the SIM card was finished. However, after topping up the account/SIM, the router has not been willing to connect again.  I have tried that particular SIM card in my phone and can send SMS from there without problems.  I have spoken with the phone company and from their point of view the account is fully functional, without restrictions. 

I have rebooted the router several times.  Grasping at straws, I figured it would be a good idea to make sure the firmware is up to date - I cannot however find a download site for the UCR firmware.




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1. Enter router configuration.

2a. Set Router WAN interface as main interface (disable cellular) and enable DHCP Client.

2b. Or set WiFi as main interface (disable cellular) and enable DHCP Client.

3a. Connect WAN to network (ADSL, Company LAN, etc.).

3b. Connect Router WiFi to Cellular (telephone) or company Access Point.

4. Run Firmware update. *Probably you may bneed to run it number of times, dependent of network condition.

Finish Firmware update.

*Firmware is 15-20MB.

If nothing of this does not help - send request for firmware to support@unitronics.com.


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