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V130 and EX90 physical connections, and dumping a project.

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I have recently started a new job, and been told "you know siemens/tiaportal, so work out how this unitronics stuff works".  Arm moving around big chunks of metal, process controlled via PLC. All installed by external company some time ago.

I cannot physically check what is actually installed at the moment as it is in 24h usage, but want to be prepared for when an opportunity arises.


The project parts list includes a "V130-33-T38", a "Ex90-DI8-R08-C1", and a whole load of switches etc.

The parts list makes no mention of an I/O expansion for the V130, but given that it needs one, I assume that one is installed. It looks like they are likely to be connected over RJ45.


I have ordered a MJ10-22-CS25 and MJ10-22-CS35 (and installed drivers and vislogic) to hopefully be able to create a copy of whatever programming is on the PLC. 



Is the I/O port in the V130 specific to the EX90 expansion? Could it be used for other things like copying the  programming off the PLC? Can any RJ45 cable be (potentially) used?

Any issues/complications to watch out for when copying the programming off? Can't do a test run in a safe environment to check that communication works.

Basically, I have no knowledge of the hardware, and no experience with the software, and want to be prepared as I will have limited time to see how it is physically set up, and to try to copy/backup the PLC data.


Thank you.

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You have a large task ahead of you. I only have time to give you a few pointers and likely someone else with chime in with more.

- There is a lot of information you can use on the Unitronics website. Download the spec sheets for your V130 PLC and the EX90 I/O module. Your V130 has built-in I/O which includes 20 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs, & 16 transistor outputs. Expansion I/Os can also be added. I don't have any experience with the EX90 expansion I/O module, but I thought this module could only be used with a different PLC (M90), but perhaps I'm wrong. The EX90 has 8 digital inputs and 8 relay outputs.

- There are two ports that come standard on the V130 - the EXP port which is only used for adding expansion I/O modules, and a serial port which can be used for communication purposes, including downloading the program from VisiLogic. One additional port can be added. My recollection with this PLC model is that by default you cannot upload a program from the PLC to VisiLogic unless the original programmer specifically enabled that option (most do not). If you don't have a copy of the VisiLogic (.vlp) file, you may be out of luck on any program modifications. If you don't have that file you need to be directing as much time and effort as you can to locating it.

- Unless you have a computer with a native serial port, be sure to purchase a USB-to-serial converter that uses the Prolific chip. The one I use is the Trendnet TU-S9, but there are others.

- Your VisiLogic installation came with a number of example programs. Review them to see how VisiLogic works. The ladder logic is essentially identical between all the various PLC models.

- Unitronics offers a number of video tutorials and webinars that can be found on this site and on YouTube. They're worth your time. Also, review the Help file that came with VisiLogic - it's very useful.

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On top of all this good info from Flex, you can  do a test connection without upsetting anything going on.  Hook your new cable into the programming port, which is the one that doesn't have a metal surround.  With your cable connection done correctly to the PC, you should be able to interrogate the PLC using Visilogic, using Connection/Communication & OS, with the Type in the first tab as Serial and the correct PC port and then clicking Get OPLC Information at the bottom.  If that works ok, you can then see if the program is accessible or not, by exiting that window, opening Connection/Upload, and following through any on asks presented, and again clicking Get OPLC Information.  It will again show the same information, but on clicking Exit, this time Visilogic will try and get the program out of the plc.  If you encounter Password protected all is not lost, but if you get no upload enabled your hunt definitely needs to start.

Also check if there is an SD card in the PLC, the program might be on there....if you're lucky and the original creator has thought it prudent!  But by the sound of the machine, it is probably proprietary.

Good luck.

cheers, Aus

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Since you are coming from a siemens environment and giving a dive on Unitronics some quick tips that will help to take into account:

-Every memory value in UNITRONICS is retained by default unless you define a starting value on power-UP.
-Subroutines are tricky, when not active the online view still shows the first rung inside the subroutines as ON, which doesn't mean that it's ON. that is kind of confusing.
-In my experience on every Download there is a non-zero chance that you may override some values, so double-check that your program is sensitive to specific values for configurations.
-In general read carefully the documentation, do not assume how functions work. 

Trust me, I had 2 years working daily whit Unitronics, coming from Siemens/Codesys environments and I had a lot of headaches with those silly things.
Also, revision control Is kind of difficult. If your project will require a lot of continuous changes, I advise using the option to add a color on the rungs, that way you can easily spot changes between revisions. 

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3 minutes ago, Fernando Castro said:

If your project will require a lot of continuous changes, I advise using the option to add a color on the rungs, that way you can easily spot changes between revisions. 

I don't always start using the latest version of VisiLogic right away. Has this been added, or are you thinking of UniLogic?

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13 minutes ago, Flex727 said:

I don't always start using the latest version of VisiLogic right away. Has this been added, or are you thinking of UniLogic?

I think it has been there since a couple of versions, I discovered it last year, but I have been using the same version of visilogic from the past 2 years.


Color coding was a game changer for me... each time I compile and release I took the previous project as base version, and every change will be on the same color.

in this case orange is for this version then I will export the sub to the next project (that also clears all the colors), the next revision will be taking the exported subs and I will use green for the changes.

This way Is pretty much export/ import and the only part that I manually maintain rung by rung is the Main routine, on Wich I also take notes at the top of the new features and changes.


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